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Project Description

Motel Anh Hieu

Location: Ho Chi Minh 2016


Demand is always an urgent issue for everyone. With reasonable design and ensuring effective investment capital. In order to attract guests who want to find accommodation, we have designed to meet the essential needs of customers. Private, safe and discreet space, enough for living and living.


Project Details



NOT SURE WHERE TO BEGIN? Give us a call on 028 39 29 28 99 (9am to 6pm Mon-Fri)

BẠN CHƯA BIẾT NÊN BẮT ĐẦU TỪ ĐÂU? Hãy gọi chúng tôi số 028 39 29 28 99 (9am - 6pm từ Thứ 2-Thứ 6) để được tư vấn